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Ivanna Cuesta

Ivanna Cuesta



On Freedom Unfinished, a four-part narrative podcast hosted by ACLU of Massachusetts Executive Director Carol Rose and Technology for Liberty Program Director Kade Crockford, we’ll explore emerging technologies through the lens of power, democracy, and the broken systems that will determine the future of our rights.

Film and docuseries


Cinema’s First Nasty Women is a 4-disc DVD/Blu-ray set featuring rarely-seen silent films about feminist protest, anarchic slapstick destruction, and suggestive gender play.


BeMused. Libby is an artist with vivid dreams. She lives smack in the Village, the downtown soul of creative Manhattan, in a world of her making that flourishes behind the bolted door of her 7th floor walkup. (coming soon)

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Starting life as a record label, Droid Mafia has expanded to become a musical vendor for the Discovery Channel and over 200 other networks worldwide. With an awesome partnership with RRHOT, we've begun to tap into the world of CBS Sports and more!

Music Licensing

Original Music

Original compositions for TV and Films
Fall Season Ivanna Cuesta
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